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Non-Shooter Defender Device

Non-Shooter Defender Device

The Non-Shooter Defender device for unarmed party members can be worn in a backpack or collar pouch. SafeShoot works at a range of up to 1000 yards, day or night, in all weather, with no line of sight needed. Utilizing a combination of radio frequency, MEMS sensors, and GPS, SafeShoot devices in the area form a network to always alert you if someone with a device is unsafely down range, even if they are not in your hunting party. SafeShoot provides an auditory and visual alarm to increase situational awareness without interfering with your weapon or firing system.

Weighing in at only 6.1oz, SafeShoot offers safety without compromising the performance of the shooter.

The Non-Shooter Defender device comes with a SafeShoot pouch. For use by a person, The SafeShoot Non-Shooter Defender Device should be used in conjunction with the SafeShoot backpack.

Product Description


    The SafeShoot Non-Shooter Defender includes 2 Batteries, Night Filter/Cover, USB Dongle Connection, and Protective Pouch

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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