As hunters, safety is atop the list of our code of ethics. It’s the first thing we’re taught as hunters and it’s the first consideration in all our actions. From the moment we pick up our firearms until we stow our gear at the end of the day, safety influences each and every one of our movements.

We are conscious of muzzle direction. We know when the chamber is clear and yet we check it again. We pass on even the largest trophies if we cannot confirm the safety behind the shot. Being a safe hunter is paramount and to call yourself a hunter is to define yourself as safe and ethical.

Our ethics lead us to decisions we’re proud of.


Experienced hunters always prioritize safety and practicality before all. Despite that, friendly fire accidents still sometimes occur.

Hunting Solutions

1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
3. Be sure of your target and aware of what is beyond it.
4. Keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.


can offer another layer of safety to this challenge:



The majority of hunting accidents are a result of ignorance: hunters simply do not see the members of their party in their line of sight. This can and has led to fatal outcomes. At SafeShoot, we have developed a unique technology to address this issue.


SafeShoot is an automatic system that is easily attached to most firearms used for hunting. In the event your SafeShoot device detects another SafeShoot device in its line of fire, the system triggers an alert.

SafeShoot assists in increasing a hunter’s awareness of other party members in their network, thus lowering the risk of friendly fire and reducing friendly fire incidents. SafeShoot takes hunting safety to a whole new level without altering normal hunting behavior.

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Most hunting guides will say the muzzle of a client’s rifle is their greatest danger. Working with a new client can be nerve wracking. By tucking a SafeShoot device in your backpack and mounting the shooter device on your new client’s firearm, you just added another layer of protection for yourself and the rest of the party.


Hunting brings us together. Knowing that your hunting party’s safe gun handling ethics are reinforced by equipping party members with SafeShoot devices will put you at ease.

Dog Handlers

When your adrenaline is up and your dog(s) are downrange, their safety is at risk. This is especially true in thick cover and when things are moving quickly. You invested time, care, and money into your working dogs. Use a SafeShoot dog harness with Dog Defender device and breath easier.


Many of us in the hunting industry have taken on the mission of recruiting new hunters to the sport. This means fresh faces with new firearms. We know new clients get excited. Run your business with more confidence by issuing SafeShoot devices to your clients, staff, and guides.

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