Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are involved in providing first response to emergencies. In these potentially hazardous situations, officers occasionally find themselves taking aim at their party members that has pneumatically popped into view and which may be fatal.


The increase in terrorist activity around the world has led to an increasing concern about the problem of friendly fire among law enforcement operating forces. This concern has intensified the need for preventing friendly fire and for a command and control system.

1. Increase protection to friendly forces

2. Assistance in preventing blue-on-blue

3. Elevating situational awareness

can offer a comprehensive solution to this challenge:


To prevent friendly fire incidents among all forces operating in the battlefield and between all components of fire.


The system detects the position and barrel direction of the different firearms in space. It immediately and automatically alerts the shooter when there is a high risk of executing friendly fire.

The system does not require line of sight, and can be used under varying weather conditions, day or night.

The system is suitable for infantry, long range direct and indirect fire, and aircraft.

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