Company Story

After being exposed to tragic friendly fire incidents, SafeShoot was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurial minds. They decided to devote themselves to finding a solution to friendly fire incidents in hunting, law enforcement and military operations.

By combining their expertise in technological development and management, along with a thorough background in military and a genuine love for outdoor activities, SafeShoot’s founding team has developed a unique and comprehensive solution to friendly fire incidents.

Amir Nadan

Brigadier General (Res.) Amir Nadan

Co-Founder & CEO

Amir completed a 29-year military career in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where he acquired extensive managerial and leadership experience in various positions of command in the Paratroopers Brigade and the Northern Command.

Dr. Amir Schechter Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO

Amir is an entrepreneur with background in medical technology, experience he brought to SafeShoot as the former co-founder and CEO of a medical device company.

James L. Schwartz

Director of Marketing and Sales

James has over 20 years of experience in digital media as well as traditional media marketing, creative design, web development and public relations. James provides the most creative ideas as well as innovative solutions to specific marketing needs.

Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Gabi Davidson

VP HLS/Military Marketing

Mr. Gabi Davidson (Lieutenant Colonel Res.) brings extensive marketing, sales and business experience to SafeShoot. Prior to joining the company, he served as Vice President of International marketing and business development at Carmor Integrated Vehicles, as VP Marketing and BD at GNIUS –Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

USMC Major (Ret.) Rick Rogers

Military Culture Consultant

Rick completed a 20-year military career in the United States Marine Corps, and has extensive experience in leadership positions in the military as well as the private sector. As a heavy transport helicopter pilot (CH-53), he was a Flight Leader & Mission Commander, serving in Operation Desert Shield/Storm as the Executive Officer of a Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron.

Conrad Evarts


Hunting Culture Consultant

Conrad was born and raised in North Idaho and Eastern Washington to a family of still photographers that focused on nature and news. The TV camera gave him access to a world far bigger and grander than he imagined as a boy. Thirty-three countries later I’ve taped hundreds of species of fauna and flora, amazing landscapes and told many stories.

Zvi Neta

Zvi serves as Chairman and CEO at Automotive Equipment and Vehicles (2004) Ltd., Automotive Equipment Holding and Investment Co., and the Boxenbaum-Neta Charity Foundation which donates to medical, cancer and welfare organizations. He has successfully initiated and invested in high-tech startups such as Mobileye and others.

Nir Gilboa

Nir is the owner of Team3 Group, one the biggest Israeli companies engaging in the fields of security, electronic protection & security systems, fire safety, cleaning and general maintenance. Teams 3 was established in 1990 and employs over 6,000 employees.

Colonel (Ret.) Craig Boddington

Craig Boddington is one of today’s most respected outdoor journalists. He spent the past forty years exploring our natural world as a hunter and sharing his knowledge and experiences in dozens of books and through thousands of published articles and essays.

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Emil R. “Buck” Bedard

LtGen. Buck Bedard retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2003 with over 37 years of active duty service. He led combat tours in Vietnam as a rifle platoon commander and company executive officer, directed expeditionary forces during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and commanded a regiment in Somalia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to save people’s lives by preventing friendly fire. We envisage many modern hunters and law enforcement agencies joining our desire for safer environments.

We aim to enhance situational awareness capabilities while hunting and among law enforcement agencies.

What Makes Us Unique?

SafeShoot assists in preventing friendly fire in various environmental conditions without the need for line of sight, by an automatic and autonomous system based on advanced technology.

The system automatically alerts shooters when there is a high risk of friendly fire situations. This will assist in making hunting activities safer without changing behavior and in enhancing safety of law enforcement forces as well as improve cooperation between those forces.