Advanced battlefields include a combination of forces operating concurrently (ground forces and air support), which requires a comprehensive and reliable automatic system to prevent friendly fire incidents.


In recent combat operations, a considerable percentage of casualties were caused by friendly fire. Friendly fire casualties are increasing as more battles are held in complex and urbanized terrains, and as the intensity of fire increases.

Military Solutions

1. Assistance in minimizing friendly fire on the combined battlefield

2. Assistance in minimizing friendly fire in complex and urbanized terrain

can offer a comprehensive solution to this challenge:



To minimize friendly fire between all forces operating in the battlefield and between all combat arms components. To provide a precise, real-time picture of the operating forces. To enable a high-level of cooperation between the forces.



The system detects the position and barrel direction of the different firearms in space. It immediately and automatically alerts the shooter when there is a high risk of executing friendly fire. The system does not require line of sight, and can be used under varying weather conditions, day or night.

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