A System for the Prevention of Friendly Fire Accidents and Improving Situational Awareness

The System
  • Immediate and automatic alert
  • No line of sight is needed
  • Not influenced by weather conditions or visibility
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Designed for the combined battlefield
  • An autonomous system – Non managed distributed system

network technology

Friendly Fire Challenge
  • Major challenge for Military, Law Enforcement and HLS Forces
  • More than 20% of Combat Casualties Result from Friendly Fire
  • Decreased Confidence and Trust at All Levels
  • Increase Headquarters Workload & Communication Needs
The Technology
  • A New, Patented Technology
  • MEMS sensor (IMU)
  • Non-managed RF network
  • Automatic Local Sensor fusion
  • No Line of Sight Required
  • Immediate Shooter Alert

How It Works
  • System acquires participant position, weapon & ammo type, Aim point and Target
  • Data exchanged between users via secure RF data channel
  • Local Sensor data fusion
  • Automatic and Autonomous alert to the shooter if a potential problem exists
  • No line of sight needed



New Device Helps Prevent Friendly Fire Accidents

I got the chance to spend some time with the guys at SafeShoot at this spring’s NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits and their product is something worth talking about.

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5 Ways to Stay Safe in the Deer Woods This Fall

Some hunters are anal about safety, while others are complacent or even tolerant of rules being bent and/or broken. This reminds me of a visit to the local firing range prior to Wisconsin’s 2011 firearms deer season.

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Fish and Game Gear

ISRAELI MILITARY PROFESSIONALS created SafeShoot to eliminate friendly fire accidents. During his years of service (ret) Brigadier General Amir Nadin was disturbed by the high number of casualties due to friendly fire. When he learned of the genesis of SafeShoot he decided to take the helm as CEO and devote his time to fixing the problem of friendly fire.

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