SAFESHOOT is a unique system that creates a safety network for hunters and assists in preventing friendly-fire incidents. By attaching a shooter device that fits most rifles, shooters will be automatically alerted when another SAFESHOOT device holder is downrange and in their line of fire. The system does not need line of sight because the SAFESHOOT advanced system uses radio frequency (RF) communication.

Take a safe shot with SAFESHOOT

Each member of a hunting party is equipped with a SAFESHOOT device (SHOOTER or DOG DEFENDER). When taking aim, SAFESHOOT alerts SHOOTERS immediately and automatically when there is another SAFESHOOT device downrange and in the line of fire. SAFESHOOT alerts SHOOTERS visually and audibly thus assisting in preventing a fatal outcome.


The Shooter device, for armed party members, easily attaches to most firearms used for hunting.

Package includes: SafeShoot Shooter device and two batteries.


Canine companions wear the Dog Defender device via a SafeShoot harness.

Package includes: SafeShoot Dog Defender device, harness, and two batteries.

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